Our Culture

At Ken's, we pride ourselves on our friendly, inclusive culture. Working with us means becoming part of our family – and we take care of our family with excellent benefits, competitive compensation and guaranteed stable work. We've never had a layoff, and we intend to keep it that way.

Our leadership team is open and collaborative. We actively seek input from employees at all levels – we love hearing ideas about how we can improve safety, prevent accidents, ensure product quality, and be more efficient. Many of our most successful initiatives came from the plant floor.

We have an open-door policy across all our locations. Any team member at Ken's can offer suggestions or seek advice from anyone on our leadership team – including our executives. We're proud to encourage our team members as they grow, supporting career development by providing training and tuition reimbursement.

Our culture is about creating the winning formula. To us, this means combining a success culture with the right business strategy and strong financial results. On every level, creating this winning formula is dependent on our people, and we know that our success is entirely driven by the efforts and dedication of our team.