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Diverse Group of Ken's Employees Diversity

At Ken's foods, we are proud to have a diverse collaborative workforce. We believe that an inclusive team like ours is best equipped to be successful and productive. We encourage our team members to learn from each other and work together effectively to help drive our business forward.

Diversity is crucial to fostering innovation and building a strong sense of community. We are dedicated to bringing together people from a wide variety of backgrounds. We encourage an open, welcoming work environment, and we are proud of the friendly culture that we are known for. We do not make our hiring decisions on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law. We hire the individuals that we believe will be a great fit on our team, and we encourage all qualified candidates to apply.

“Working at Ken’s brought me out of my shell. They really helped to build me up to where I am now. If they see a lot of potential, they do their best to bring it out of you. They’ll train you, pay for a portion of your schooling – not a lot of companies do that.

“Our culture is really good; it’s a lot like a family. It’s a great place to work. Ken’s is by far the best company I have worked for.”

Andrew Reyes, Kitchen Lead/Supervisor
“I did something completely different in the military, but it was a good experience. Because of my experience, I have high standards and I look at everything like it needs to be done properly. I love the fact that I am the one to make sure that the product a customer gets is the right color and flavor – that the label is not even crooked. It has to be right; there is no two ways about it.

“We make sure that everyone who comes to Ken’s gets the right training. From day one, you’ll feel as if you’ve been here for a long time. Ken’s has a really good environment; we really work well together. We communicate very well about what’s going on – I’m in a small group, we’re like a little family.”

Ann Marie Smith, Quality control technician
Former E3 Cargo Specialist, U.S. Army
“I have been with Ken’s for four years. I started out as a machine operator and I moved to quality control, then from there I moved to accounts payable. Ken’s values people with good skills and knowledge. They support everyone who works hard. They pay for your training and want you to have a good education. The company provides long-term development, so it’s a good place to build your career.

“While I was still in the plant, I executed a safety project, and it’s still running. The management here is always open to employees with new ideas. I enjoy working here because of the recognition that I get from my managers and peers. When you are recognized and appreciated, it makes you feel at home.”

Isaac Poku, Accounts Payable Clerk
“We have some really awesome people here at Ken’s. The leadership team really cares about us as employees. They care about our wellness and they are always training us. They want us to stay and grow with them. They want the best quality people creating the best quality products.

“One of the other benefits of working here is the stable, consistent work. We’ve had no cut hours or cut pay, even when the economy was down. We also do a lot of work in our community. We’ve done a breast cancer awareness fundraiser and we sponsor a local school. We definitely give back.”

Jessicah Hazen, Forklift Operator
“What drew me to Ken's Foods was the personality of the place. When I walked in the door, people were happy to be here. A year later, and I’m still loving the job - that's just the kind of place it is.

“My military experience was directly applicable to my role at Ken's; the same mechanisms that make an engine run are the same things that allow you to fill a bottle. But the primary skill we look for here is leadership. We’re looking to develop and raise leaders.”

John Winward, Engineering–Maintenance Manager
Former Major, U.S. Army
“I chose to come to Ken’s because it is a family owned company and because they respected my service and my leadership abilities.

“I’ve been at Ken’s going on seven years now. The best part of my day to day is that nothing is routine; every day is different. The variety keeps me on my toes.”

Mike Fortier, Traffic Manager
Former E4 Motor Transport Specialist, Marine Corps
“I started in an entry-level position and I worked my way up. I am now in a leadership position on one of the lines. I feel good about what I have accomplished at Ken’s – I have been supported and they have given me a lot of training.

“Ken’s is a great place to work, because of the pay, the benefits and the time they invest in you. They will help you to grow, and that is something that you’ll always have.”

Yaya Guzman, Foreman – Retail Line